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Did you know that after every 100,000 miles (on your vehicle) it's highly recommended to get a tune-up? 

With Tune-ups, we remove and replace a variety of items. Here is the list of the items replaced with a tune-up:

  • Spark Plugs
  • Spark Plug Wire Set
  • Distributor Caps
  • Distributor Rotors
  • Fuel Filter

Along with getting your oil changed at Ray's, you also get a FREE full safety inspection and who doesn't love free stuff?! 

Here is a list of the things our mechanics go through during your FREE full safety inspection:

  • Our technicians make sure all your fluids are okay. If they aren't, we add more to make them full.
  • We check the ball joints, tie rods and sway bar links.
  • Make sure your brake system in your vehicle is road safe.
  • Check your struts & shocks and the control arm bushings.
  • We check your wheel bearings and tires to make sure that your vehicle is road safe.
  • The exhaust system
  • Our technicians check your u-joints and CV-joints.
  • They also check to make sure that your turn signals and head lights, tail lights and brake lights are all working properly.