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If your engine is giving up on you, we can either repair your engine or find a new or used engine to fit your vehicle needs. 

When you get a new engine, we not only put a new engine in but we also go through and replace a couple of other parts to make your vehicle run the best it can. Here are a few of the things that we also do along with the new engine work:

  • We give your vehicle a tune-up. Which is replacing all the spark plugs, wire set, distributor cap & rotors and the fuel filter.
  • We replace the water pump.
  • The engine coolant thermostat is also replaced.

We also do more to the engine than just the engine assembly, blocks and mounts. Here a few other things we also do to the engine:

  • Engine Oiling
  • Engine Head & Valves
  • Piston Assemblies, Bearings & Crankshafts

Is your car shifting funky? Are you having trouble reversing? Can you feel your car catching as you try to accelerate? You may have a transmission problem and we are here to help you fix it! 

We do both automatic and manual transmission repairs. Wether you want us to rebuild your old transmission or find you a new or used one, we can do it! 

We can service or flush your transmission to make it even better than before!